Alpha Demo Walkthrough

After the intro cutscene, enter the train station concourse ahead.

The exit and the ticket office are both locked. Follow the ‘foreign visitors’ sign to the door on the left.

Speak to Mario and Lukas. Get map and keyring with station key.

Go back to concourse and use keyring on station exit.

Talk to the people on the town square to find two possible locations Emilia might be. Only one of them is available right now, so head north and leave the square.

Enter the Town Hall.

Examine the museum exhibits to find out more about the town. Head into the office on the right and speak with Emilia.

Ask about the produce she mentions. Then offer to help. Get key to hotel and an instruction to speak to Boris.

Leave the town hall and head left toward the hotel. Interact with the boarded-up window on the right and a plank falls off. Collect it.

Use keyring on hotel entrance to enter hotel foyer.

Enter the staff door behind reception. Use fuse box to switch on the power. Collect toolbox. (You can collect a cloth and a jerry can here too, but they aren’t used in the demo). Examine the coat hanging up to find a key in the pocket.

Go back to the hotel foyer and take the elevator up to level 2. Examine hole in floor. You can see debris that’s fallen through to the room beneath.

Take the elevator down to level 1. Go to the room that’s directly beneath the hole upstairs. Examine the door and make a note of the room number.

Take the elevator down to level 0. From the box at reception, collect a key card. Use the key card on the computer and sync the key card with the correct room number.

Head back up to level 1. Use key card on the correct door to enter the room. Collect plank of wood that’s fallen from ceiling.

In inventory, mount one plank of wood to the other. Examine toolbox to find hammer and nails. Use hammer and nails to fix two planks together.

Take the elevator to level 2 and use long plank on hole to cross the gap. Follow the corridor until you meet Boris.

Talk to Boris and exhaust all dialogue options.

Use keyring on staff only door to enter maintenance corridor.

Leave other side of maintenance corridor to sneak up on Boris from behind.


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